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In the name of the father, the son and the holy sprits one God. Amen!

The history of Debrework St. virgin Mary Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Dublin.

Although the official opening of Ethiopian Orthodox church in Dublin was on May 2008, there were earlier meetings and prayer programmes being held with the name of the church.

Around 1999 few students, not more than five, from Blackrock UCD branch started gathering stiwa by the name of St. Urael on monthly bases.Apart from those meetings the members also celebrate the main holydays of the church such as Chrismass,Epiphany and Easter by inviting Ethiopians who live in different part of Ireland without any religious discrimination.  As the number of the members increased, they decided for the monthly meeting to be held in each members house.When those students returned back to Ethiopia after finishing their education, the meetings and prayers continued with new students who came to study theology in kimmage manor college. As the number of members was increasing as well as the holidays that were being celebrated, it was decided for the gatherings to be held on kimmage college student’s residence instead of member’s houses.

Since some of the students who came to Kimmage college were experienced priests, they managed to create well organised programme and enjoyable atmospheres overall.When these Students finished their course and went to Ethiopia there were no other students who could replace them for this reason the programme was relocated to Bray St. Mary and St Demiana Coptic orthodox church. The gatherings continued to be held as normal in Bray St. Mary church until the current Debrework St. virgin Mary EOC was established.

Our first church(liturgy) was held at Rathmines, St Mary immaculate Refugee of Sinners , Roman Catholic church.In our general meeting that was held in September 7/2008 and lead by His Grace Abune Meliketsedik , it was decided for the church to be named after St virgin Mary. Moreover the existing meeting and prayers with the name of Angel Urael were also to be included under this name. Afterwards, the Arc of the covenant that was brought from Ethiopia was kept in Deberegenet St. Trinity church, London until a suitable time arrived. With the blessing of his Grace Abune Entos, our place of worship become a formal church on March 29 2009.

In June 27 2009 the Arc was brought to Dublin and the name “Debrework Mariam” has been given by his grace Abune Entos, and also for the Sunday school to be called “Mahbere Selam”.As there were no Priest or Deacon who lived in Ireland to serve the church, the church used to bring priests and Deacons from London every month by covering their expenses and their daily allowances for liturgy and other church services. At the moment the church has managed to bring Clergy መልአከ ምህረት ቀሲስ አንተነህ ጌጡ,  Fr Anteneh- Getu” with the will of God from Ethiopia. As a result the liturgy programme is being carried out more frequently on every  weeks base.

The committee that gathered up to establish the church did a great job with in a very short period of time with the help of God and his holy mother Mary. In addition all the services, ideas and moral supports of the Priest & Deacon’s who were coming from London was a great help for the overall development and improvement of the church.

Currently the congregates of the church are receiving well organised and improved services. In order to make sure of the continuation of those services as well as its continuous improvement, the initial members are now substituted with the first ever formal committee that abides by EOC terms & regulations to manage the overall activities of the Church.

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